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    This overview talks about using a 3rd party SMS provider to send text alerts from Orion. I've used Clickatell in the past and really like their API's, ease of use and reliability. The nice part about using Clickatell is that  they provide you with your own texting phone number. This means that the text alerts that you receive always come from the same number. Works really well when you add a custom text tone for that contact on your phone.


    I've created some Powershell scripts that call into Clickatell's API's and pass the necessary info from Orion.


    Since I only want one text for each alert I need to be mindful of the 160 character limit with texting. My goal with these scripts is to provide simple status (Up, Down, Warning, Critical) and not any numerical value of an alert. By just providing status info I can keep my character limit below 160. Aside from the text alert I also have an email alert action that contains all of the details. So if I'm away from a computer and get a text alert I can pull up my email to get more information.



    • Need to install Powershell v3 or greater on your Solarwinds Orion server. We specifically use the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet. You can download that here.
    • Need to create an account with Clickatell.
      • Need to setup an HTTP API
    • Download the scripts at links right below this section
      • Place them in a directory on your Orion server
      • Edit each script and fill out the necessary sections in the beginning. That information is most likely going to be exactly the same for each script.




    Below are links that outline different alert types in Orion, each with it's own instructions and custom Powershell script.

    Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Node Alert

    Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Node CPU Alert

    Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Node Memory Alert

    Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Node Disk Alert

    Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Node Response Time Alert 

    Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Interface Alert

    Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Application Alert

    Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Component Alert


    I've setup each script to have a new line for each key variable that I'm passing. This allows the text to be very readable when it comes through.



    Right now the script has a single hard coded phone number. You can modify the script to accommodate multiple phone numbers if needed. You can also use custom properties in Orion to define the contact number outlined here.


    Another major part is that the script outputs to a log file which is helpful if you need to troubleshoot. Also, every time that you send a text through Clickatell they provide a Message ID which is required if you need to troubleshoot with them.

    The logs output to: C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs and are formatted with all of the necessary info to track down a specific alert/text.



    Please check back often to see if there have been any improvements or bug fixes to this script.


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