Version 1

    There ain't many net's that 're lucky enough t' have an admin like me.

    Though I'm rarely compensated like I wish I could be

    Many's th' time that I was afraid they'd worked me to th' brink

    But then upon closer scrutiny, m' network was in the pink!


    I treat m' network carefully, of that there is no doubt.

    Implicit ACLs aren't m' friends, but I never leave 'em out!

    And power that runs m' routing gear is always 208

    'Cause P-O-E for VoIP's new phones demands that voltage weight.


    Ooooh, I-love-m’-NETwork . . .

    I've worked on it f'r nearly all me life

    Ooooh, I-love-m’-NETwork . . .

    And if ya don't believe me ask me wife!


    Now Solarwinds came callin’ one day to ask if I had heard

    Their product could make life better—and I didn’t believe a word!

    So I loaded it up and fed it some strings and started it to ping

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw--‘twas really a beautiful thing!


    Whenever I might catch up on my work, at Thwack I'll spend me hours

    Doing good turns for me network, stretchin' me wee brain's powers.

    I've worked late in December on a WAN so far away

    And NTA then told me "Improved throughput today!"


    Ooooh, I-love-m’-NETwork . . .

    How the Help Desk loves my new technique.

    Ooooh, I-love-m’-NETwork . . .

    They’re happy every time they take a peek!


    Now I  NPM in the mornin’, and I NCM all night.

    But I’m willin’ t’ bet on the weekends I’ll know everything’s all right.

    I’ve used it on an upgrade on a cold and wintry day.

    And I’ve used it to manage the network from a hundred miles away!


    I must admit that I haven’t logged in to NCM today

    But it’s chuggin’ away in the background, with wonderful things to say.

    And you can sure be bettin’ Orion’ll handle all yer fears . . . .

    For it’s the finest network manager I’ve ever used in years!


    Happy Saint Paddy's Day t' Ya!



    (This seemed better suited to put into Fun & Geeky, so I've made it available here.  Rick Schroeder)