Version 1

    After Installing Patch Manager, you are unable to obtain any 3rd Party Patches under Software Publishing when running the Patch Manager Update / Third Party Updates  Configuration wizard. When attempting to get the Patch Manager Update Configuration Wizard to get a list of 3rd party products, you see only Catalog.



    At the end the Server may also State:



    Patch Manager Update Catalog

         Please enter the User name and password for synchronizing the Patch Manager Update Catalog. The user name and password is the same as your Patch Manager COmmunity User name and password.



    This is due to DISA STIG policy towards certificate creating and policy enforcement. Please reference the 2 STIG links below, and reverse the changes set by these policies. Once completed 3rd party downloads will work as designed.



    Root Certificates must not be updated automatically from the Microsoft site.





    Software certificate restriction policies must be enforced.