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    I wanted to outline some additional ways to help with cutting down on alert noise with Orion. I'm building off this previous thwack post.


    This post talks about using a Custom Property to define the default email address on a per node basis with alerting. You can also create similar Custom Properties for Applications and Interfaces. The concept is the same.


    1. First, i created a Custom Property (Settings > Manage Custom Properties) and I called it 'DefaultEmailAddress.' You can call it whatever you prefer but that is the name that I'll be using for this article. The format is Text and I restricted it's values to a predefined set of emails.



    2. You can then add this Custom Property in the Trigger Action - Send an Email/Page of an alert. You can use any existing alerts or duplicate them if needed. Once you edit the alert you'll need to go to the Trigger Action section. Edit the Send an Email/Page action and replace the ${DefaultEmail} in the To field with ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomProperties.DefaultEmailAddress}



    By making this change a node needs to have that Custom Property set to one of the predefined email addresses to ever see an alert for it. I used this to separate who receives alerts for specific nodes.


    Here is another article I created around using Custom Properties with alerting.

    Alerting with Custom Properties - Trigger Condition Yes/No


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