Version 1

    Jive App for Web HelpDesk Client Interface


    App Name: WebHelpDesk

    Web HelpDesk Website:

    Released Date: 01-Jan-2016

    Version: 1.1

    Author: Kanwar

    License: Free Trial


    App Features:

    • Single Sign-On for LDAP Integration

              Any user logged in to Jive instance can directly open the WHD App without login to any hosted WHD server. App will automatically handshake the authentication           between Jive and Web HelpDesk servers using secured channel when they are LDAP synchronized.

    • Create Ticket Dashboard
      1. Fetching Dynamic fields using Web HelpDesk APIs.
      2. Request Type can be populated to the nth level of child request types.
      3. Default Prioirity will be selected based on the request type user selects.


    • Dynamic Custom WHD Fields

              Custom fields associated with the request type will be populated along with their default values. It will work for all type of custom fields supported by latest version of           Web HelpDesk tool


    • Getting Ticket History Dashboard for logged-in Jive User
      1. Search Tickets by ticket no, status, or keywords.
      2. Dynamic search filters values.
      3. Pagination for handling large tickets data.
      4. Ajax Based loaders for better user experience.


    • Viewing Ticket Details
      1. User can open any ticket from History tab and see all the fields along with the custom field details.
      2. User can add notes to tickets.


    • Cancel Ticket

              User can cancel any active ticket. Once cancelled ticket will not shown in History Tab's default view. However, it can searched using search filters.

    • Edit/Modify Tickets

              User can edit or modify ticket fields, add new notes, add or remove assets/models from the tickets.

    • Attachment Support

              User can view and download any associated attachment(s) with the ticket.

    • App Administration Tab
      1. Request Type Visibilty.
      2. Assets Configuration.
      3. FAQ Category Visibilty.
      4. Mandatory Fields.


    Please let me know if you have any queries for Web HelpDesk App built for Jive.