Version 14

    Since the release of Web Performance Monitor 2019.4, there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes here at SolarWinds. Everything from new WPM specific features to Orion platform enhancements are in the works! See below:


    • Feature parity items in the new recorder - Cert handling, authentication improvements and proxy server support.
    • Integration with Pingdom - Use the WPM recorder to create and save transactions to Pingdom.
    • Enhanced TCP Waterfall Charts - Additional and historical data for transaction steps.
    • New dashboard framework - Next generation summary dashboard framework.
    • UI performance optimizations - Faster and more responsive web UI.
    • Centralized upgrades - Pre-stage upgrades for reduced downtime.
    • Orion maps - Bridging the feature parity gap with Network Atlas.


    Feel free to submit feature requests for WPM here: Web Performance Monitor (formerly SeUM) Feature Requests