Version 7
    I'm pleased to announce that the wait for an NPM beta is finally over!  We've got lot to show.  To prevent it from being overwhelming, we're releasing a little bit at a time.  That way, during each beta, we can focus on a specific area and really make sure we're accomplishing what we need to for you guys.


    This first beta includes the following:

    • Updated UI Look and Feel - The UI is receiving some love this release, spanning across NPM, SAM, VMAN, and the other Orion based products.
    • ServiceNow Integration - Automated ServiceNow incident creation, update, and closure out of the box.

    While you're using the beta, here's a few questions to get you thinking of feedback that will help us make the product better:

    • Updated UI
      • What do you think of the new toolbar?  Do you find yourself getting to your destinations more quickly and easily?
      • Did you have any trouble finding the features and functions you have used in previous version of NPM?
      • How's the UI speed?
    • ServiceNow Integration
      • Was it easy or hard to get the integration working?  Any hiccups?  Anything you found confusing?
      • Does the integration support the most important workflows you'd like to automate between NPM and ServiceNow?
      • Is ticket creation, update, and closure fast enough?

    At SolarWinds, being customer driven and reacting to customer needs is a fundamental part of how we build software.  Beta feedback is one of the key avenues we use to inform and adjust what we're building so that it fits your need and your environment.  We'll take feedback anytime we can get it, but now is the best time to provide feedback that will impact the product.


    As an added incentive, beta users who submit feedback will receive 2,000 Thwack points to buy swag at the Thwack Store.  That's enough points to score yourself all sorts of stuff, including one of several different t-shirts including my personal favorite, the geek shirt.

    To get access to the beta, you need to be a customer on active maintenance for NPM and sign up here.  To share feedback, please post on the The specified item was not found. forum.



    NPM Team