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    Hi All, I was wondering, how would you display a list of applications affected when a node goes down in an email alert (AlertManager)? I hope this is possible.


    I assume it would be some sql query to pull the names of all the apps affected, names description and I app custom properties too if possible.


    Also maybe someone can let me know that if a node goes down, do all the applications alerts depending on that node, get triggered as well? (my triggers say something like "If application x goes down, do xyz")

    I simply have not tested this type of scenario.





    Hmmm, the problem with your query question is when you execute a SQL command in the Alert, you are only able to get one value back.

    This can be a bit of a pain.

    I've been blocked by this before, but just thought perhaps a view could work having it concatenate values into single cell (even format via HTML for alert)...


    If a node goes down, it *should* mark the objects downstream as unreachable.  This is what dependencies are built for as well if something falls through the cracks or is not directly tied to the node object but impacted.

    Thanks for the reply.  Would you have any idea what the query would look like for the view?



    Travis Cazes    

    EDIT::: ah for the view, no, I haven't done that yet so don't know what it should look like.  probably just the query without the where clause b/c you'd put that in the query in the alert.


    select Name as Application FROM APM_Applications where NodeID = (source node)

    so if in node down alert....

    ${SQL:select Name as Application FROM APM_Applications where NodeID = ${N=SwisEntity;M=NodeID}}

    Here is the official response from Solarwinds Technical Support:    


    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to input the Apps in the same email message as a node down.

    However, I did find a way to send an additional E-Mail as an action on this alert. This email can send a dynamic URL which gathers the apps on the particular node that triggered as down.

    To implement this:

    • Navigate to the Node Down alert that you want this E-Mail to be produced off of
    • Navigate to the "Trigger Actions" tab, and click on "Add Action"
    • From here, we can select "Email a Web Page"
    • Select the proper recipients
    • In the message tab, insert a "Subject" for the E-Mail Subject
    • The following will be inserted in the URL field order to populate the E-Mail with a Applications list (note the Orion Web console URL field which must be changed)
    • <Orion Web Console URL>/Orion/DetachResource.aspx?NetObject=N:${N=SwisEntity;M=NodeID}&ResourceID=1180


    Try implementing this, to see if you are able to produce the application resource into an E-Mail.

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