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    If you find that you are running Windows 2008/2008 R2 and it is taking an inordinate time to start the Solarwinds services after a reboot, then you may want to check the MSMQ service and subsequent settings. In your Windows system log, look for event ID 7044. In that event you will see the following message: "The following service is taking more than 16 minutes to start and may have stopped responding: Message Queuing." If you see this issue on your polling engines, it will cause the polling engine to go red as the following Solarwinds services rely on MSMQ to start:


    - Solarwinds Information Service

    - Solarwinds Information Service V3

    - Solarwinds Collector Data Processor

    - Solarwinds Collector Polling Controller


    To completely verify the issue, check out your Windows\System32\MSMQ\Storage. The default journal setting is 8GB. If the folder is 8GB, you have verified your problem. Furthermore, if the poller has only 8GB, that will explain why nothing can be accomplished on the server until this is complete, as MSMQ is trying to load all messages into RAM. See the following TechNet article to understand more and correct the problem at the domain level:



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