Version 1

    Ok, so I've always found the "All IP Addresses" resource on the "Node Details" page kind of useful, but always left me wanting for a little bit more.   This morning while getting ready for work I though it would be really nice to have at least what interface the IP was associated with, and that I didn't care about the IP Version since pretty much all we do right now is IPv4, so I came up with this simple replacement resource.  Everyone here likes it, so I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you.


    What you end up with is something like this:


    That shows all the IP's on a node and their associated interface.   Note the search box, right now it will search by IP Address or description, I didn't think searching on the Interface was that useful, but its easy to add...


    There are 2 queries associated with it, one for the main query and the other for the search query.  Very simple to do, just click on "Customize Page" and add a resource of type "Custom SWQL".     Position the resource where you want and "Submit" the page and when it comes up go and "Edit" the "Custom Query" resource on the page.   You'll end up with something like below.  Change the "Title" to something useful, pop the two queries in, choose how many lines you want to show max on one page and there ya go!   Bob's your Uncle!!   (For those that don't understand this reference, refer to this Wikipedia article - Bob's your uncle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ).


    Feel free to customize as you want, but  I think it makes a nice replacement for the current "All IP Addresses" resource on the "Nodes Detail" page.