Version 1

    A client had a requirement of seeing if a file on a share exist, and if it did - count the number of files in it.


    Another process creates a directory and puts file into it, each weekday before 9am.  If the directory does not exist or there are zero files in the directory - then the process if broken and needs to be looked into.


    This powershell script is executed every two minutes and the associated alert is executed at 9am.   By doing a regular polling, we get an idea of when the process creates the directory and how many files are in there.  I'm sure it can be optimized and shortened. 


    $date = Get-Date

    $date = $date.ToString("MMddyyyy")


    $path_out = "\\SomewhereOverTheRainbow\OUT\" + $date


    If ( (test-path -path $path_out) -eq $True) {

       $filepath = "\\SomewhereOverTheRainbow\OUT\" + $date

       $filetype = "*.*"

       $file_count = [System.IO.Directory]::GetFiles("$filepath").Count

       Write-Host 'Statistic: ' $file_count



    If ( (test-path -path $path_out) -eq $False) {

        Write-Host 'Statistic: ' -1





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