Version 4

    If you are unhappy with NPM displaying the FQDN information of your network equipment for any reason (e.g.: the domain section takes up too much space in your diagrams and documents), I followed this process to trim the domain names off:


    1.    RDP into the NCM server

    2.    Backup the database:

    3.    Open Database Manager on the NCM server (Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager)

    4.    Click Add Default Servers

    5.    Click the + sign to expand the Instance

    6.    Right-click on the name of your default Solarwinds SQL server, then select "New query"

    7.    Click Enable table editing

    8.    Edit the value (by pasting in what I have provided below)


    In the example below my goal was to remove the domain suffixes from NPM's discovery of our switches.  The domain names all began with .med.


    You can remove everything after the first dot by including only the decimal (.) between the single quotes (example:  '.' ) or include the dot and the first characters of any domains you wish to trim.



    UPDATE [dbo].[NodesData]

    SET Caption = (



          Select CASE

           WHEN (CharIndex('.med',Caption)>0)

           THEN (CharIndex('.med',Caption)-1)

           ELSE (LEN(Caption))






    9.      Click on a white blank page to save the changes

    10.    Click Execute query to see if the changes have been saved


    Kudos to Isaac Effinger for boldness, and Edwin Karl Ambrose from SolarWinds Technical Support for helping a SQL novice achieve a cosmetic task.


    Here's hoping this process works for other versions of NPM and NCM!


    Swift Packets!


    Rick Schroeder