Version 12

    SSL Certificate Expiration - SNI capable


    For those that deploy SNI when hosting websites you've probably discovered that monitoring the SSL certificate expiration only shows the first certificate in the list.


    This check was designed to match the certificate Common Name (CN).


    I created an external node for


    The powershell scripts pulls the node name and returns the number of days until it expires. It also prints more details in the Statistic Message.

    UPDATED: Inluded the Certification Authority into the statistic message detail.


    I also created this SSL report that can be imported.

    SSL Certificate Expiration - SNI Capable Report.xml


    *Updated - 1/25/2016 - Fix bug when no CA was present in the certificate.

    *Updated - 3/21/2018 - Updated script significantly to allow for TLS 1.2 only connections. Thanks for the assist sstark85!