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    Custom Polling has gone through various changes in Network Performance Monitor throughout the years. From Custom Poller in the System Manager, to the Introduction of Universal Device Poller in NPM 9.1 to the Introduction of Pollers in NPM 11.


    • Custom Pollers in System Manager were limited to only Get/Get Next for only Node level OIDs.
    • Universal Device Poller Added Interface and Get Table Polling with Transform Ability and ability to easily import/export pollers.
    • Pollers was introduced to move away from the Windows Applications of yesteryear and bring it to a browser base, so that only Software Upgrades would be the only reason to remote into the Solarwinds Server.




    What are the Poller Types Supported in Poller?


    CPU & Memory               -     Replace or Create single processor CPU & Memory

    Multi CPU & Memory    -     Replace or Create Multiple CPUs and Memory

    Node Details                    -     Replaces All existing data polled by the Device with Explicit Values or different OIDs

    Note: If you do not assign the Values, no OIDs will be polled. I have included the Default OIDs and what is used to collect the data by default in case you need to utilize defaults.



    Poller Name


    Customize Settings


    Based on SysObjectID Result

    Customize to set Vendor explicitly, or OID input


    Based on SysObjectID Result

    Customize to set MachineType explicitly, or OID input

    Software Version

    Customize to set Version explicitly, or OID input

    Software Image

    Customize to set Image explicitly, or OID input













    What is currently not available in Manage Pollers and still required Universal Device Poller?

    • Interface Custom Polling
    • Custom Polling OIDs that are not already being monitored (UPS Data, Print Server info, etc.)
    • Tabular OID polling for table results in a human readable format.


    Where do Pollers show up after they are created and Enabled?

    • Deploy Poller to one Device: You can go back to this page to find the Pollers and assign, or List Resources on a Device will show the new Option if it matches.
    • Deploy Poller to Multiple Devices: Settings> Manage Pollers> Select Poller and Select Assign. Select Devices and Select Enable Poller.
    • Deploy Poller to Automatically pickup new devices: Settings> Manage Pollers> Select Poller and Select Enable Scanning on New Nodes> Enable.
      • It will scan and show the following message when complete.
    • Deploy Poller to STOP Automatically picking up new devices: Settings> Manage Pollers> Select Poller and Select Disable Scanning on New Nodes> Disable






    Issues with Custom Poller


    This Error Means that OID was not retrieved and will not work on the test Device. This is a limitation with the Device and another OID needs to be used that is successful, or check device configuration to allow the OID to be retrieved.





    This is how a success show show in the system:





    Why Can I not Edit Pollers?

    Pollers that are already assigned to Nodes are Not Editable. This is so that someone cannot go in an change pollers breaking data retrieval.


    Workaround: You have one poller already Assigned to a Node.

    1. You need to go into Settings> Manage Pollers.
    2. Select the Poller and Select Assign.
    3. Select the Devices and Select Disable Poller
    4. You should now be able to Edit the current Poller.




    Node Details Pollers

    This is what happens when you select the Pollers you want to change but do not still include the Standard OIDs.




    When you include the OIDs from above into the Node Detail Pollers, this is the result:




    Happy Polling