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    We are excited this month to partner up with the team at Cumulus Networks for the October Open Networking Challenge.


    As many of you know Cumulus recently released their Cumulus VX which is a community-supported virtual appliance that enables network pro’s to preview and test Cumulus Networks technology at zero cost within GNS3. The goal of this is to allow users the ability to build sandbox environments to learn Open Networking concepts, prototype network operations and script & develop applications risk-free. In addition to that Cumulus recent launched their new Opening Networking Community to help support and the SDN / Open Networking community. 


    This month we are super excited to highlight the integration of the Cumulus VX with GNS3 as part of the mission. We want you to roll up your sleeves and put this product to the test for a chance to win $1,500 in prizes.


    What is Cumulus VX You Ask?

    Cumulus VX is a virtual appliance to prototype network operations and develop custom applications prior to deploying into production environment. Without the need of a bare metal switch or specialized hardware, Cumulus VX runs on all popular hypervisors, making traditional networking protocols such as BGP and MLAG and Cumulus Networks-specific technologies such as Prescriptive Topology Manager available for testing and configuration.


    Are You Up For The Challenge?

    We've split this mission into two parts.  The first part will focus on best practices and tips & tricks to use with Cumulus VX and will take part in the Cumulus Networking Community. Pay attention to the rules below as there are some HUGE prizes hanging in the balance!


    What is up for Grabs?


    Jungle Points Part I PrizesPart II Prizes
    1,000 Points +

    Daily Prizes


    8 Raspberry Pi With GNS3 Uploaded


    8 Free Practical SDN and OpenFlow Fundamentals Course on GNS3 Academy

    Grand Prize


    Cumulus Linux Boot Camp – Online

    (Valued at $699)


    Cumulus Networks Swag


    Signed Copy of the Book of GNS3


    Mission Rules

    Mission Part 1 >> October 5 – 20


    • Click Here to review the details on Part 1 of the Mission

    Note: GNS3 Jungle Users will be required to create a separate Cumulus Network user account in order to participate in Part 1 of the mission

    • A new question will open every two days in the Cumulus Networks Community (Monday - Friday) starting on October 1st

    • Once a question has opened, it will remain open until October 20th

    • Correctly answer a question you will be entered to win a Raspberry Pi with GNS3 + Free Practical SDN and OpenFlow Fundamentals Course on GNS3 Academy

    • There will a total of 8 winners since there are 8 questions

    • Daily drawings will happen every two days (exception on the weekends).


    Mission Part 2 >> September 20 – November 6th


    This part of the mission will be hosted in the GNS3 Jungle. We want you to put Cumulus VX to the test within the GNS3 software and show us the results. To help you on your way we have developed a step-by-step integration guide.


    Step I: If you haven't done so already make sure to download the latest version of GNS3. Click Here.

    Step II: Follow the steps in the Cumulus VX / GNS3 Integration Guide

    Step III: Submit a screenshot of the topology (within GNS3) showcasing the Cumulus VX.

    Step IV: Write a short description of your experience using the appliance and any feedback in the comments section below.


    Option Step V: Post a picture of your topology with GNS3 on Twitter for an extra ballot in the community with the following hashtag #CumulusChallenge