Version 1

    When I did a recording, everything worked.  But when I ran it in a player, I got an incompatible browser.  I tried the registry solution, but that did not work for me.


    I have listed what did work.


    The error:


    1. Use domain account for workers
      1. SolarWinds.SEUM.Agent.Service.exe.Config
        1. numWorkerProcesses="1"
      2. SolarWinds.SEUM.AgentDomainConfigurationTool.exe
      3. SolarWinds.SEUM.Agent.Service.exe.Config
        1. <domainAccounts domain="">
          <domainAccount userName="zExampleUser" password="XXXX" />
      4. Restart WPM service
    2. Run IE as the domain user of the WPM
      1. Add compatibility for the domain in WPM you are playing back
    3. The web transaction should work after giving it about 5 mins.


    Amit Shah

    Loop1 Systems