Version 2

    Issue: Smart Card Requirement on Domains makes it difficult to add Windows Accounts when Smart Card is required for Interactive Logon is required on all Active Directory accounts and no Domain Username/Password accounts are available.


    Resolution: Upgrade your Solarwinds Orion Software to the latest releases, then install Core 2015.1.2 HotFix 4.


    Notes About Core 2015.1.2 HotFix 4

    • This is a cumulative fix, which means it includes Hotfix 1, Hotfix 2, Hotfix 3, and Hotfix 4, list of fixes are listed below.
    • This Hotfix requires SolarWinds Orion Core 2015.1.2.
    • This Hotfix must be installed on the main poller.
    • This Hotfix must be installed on any additional pollers/webservers.
    • This Hotfix addresses issues described in this Hotfix for all SolarWinds products located on the same server and only needs to be applied once per server.
    • This is a simple executable that will first check to ensure that the correct version of Orion Core is installed, then it will install all required files automatically.
    • Once this hotfix is added, a Service account that is local to the Solarwinds Server will be able to check for Active Directory Accounts instead of having to enter a Username/Password to obtain Domain User or Domain Group Accounts.

    Apply this Hotfix if you run any of the following SolarWinds products:

      • Network Performance Monitor (NPM) 11.5.2
      • Server and Application Monitor (SAM) 6.2.1
      • Storage Resource Manager (SRM) 6.1.1
      • VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM) 4.2.2
      • Network Configuration Manager (NCM) 7.4
      • Virtualization Manager's Orion Integrated Module (VIM) 2.1


    To install this fix:

    1. Log on to the server hosting your SolarWinds Orion installation as an administrator.
    2. Run the Orion Service Manager and click "Shutdown Everything".
    3. Close the Orion Service Manager.
    4. Run the OrionPlatform-v2015.1.2-HotFix4.exe and follow instructions in the installation wizard.

    SolarWinds Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 4


    This cumulative Hotfix addresses these issues:



    Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 1

        • Interface alerts retrigger when a node is deleted.
        • Orion thresholds are not filtered by type.


    This Hotfix also updates the topology calculation behavior. When possible, MAC Address information related to a port is added to help map the connection target interface from the LLDP data when the RemotePortId uses the MAC Address Port Subtype.



    Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 2

        • Allied-Telesis device shown as Allied-Telesyn.
        • The Message Center does not work for non-administrator user accounts.
        • Filter Nodes (SQL) fails for the Report from Orion Report Writer resource.
        • The 2 MB line is duplicated on the Report Chart.
        • You are notified that your database maintenance is overdue after your nightly database maintenance.
        • The polling engine is slow or non-reporting.
        • Network Discoveries does not complete.


    Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 3

        • Limitations do not work on Custom Properties and Forecast Capacity for nodes and Forecast Capacity for volumes.
        • The Machine Type is not polled for some device types.
        • Improved the page load time on the Web Console.



    Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 4

        • IIS is crashing and the Orion web site is unavailable.
        • You cannot set topology calculation to skip repeated MAC/IP addresses.
        • Alerts with the condition Node IsServer do not work.
        • PowerShell script cannot be executed from the Alert Manager.
        • Resolves an issue where Windows accounts cannot be added to Orion if "Force SmartCard logon" is set on all accounts. The Solarwinds Information Service account will now be the default account used to authenticate to the Domain Controller.

    To uninstall this hotfix:

    1. Log on to the server hosting your SolarWinds Orion installation as an administrator.
    2. Run the Orion Service Manager and click "Shutdown Everything".
    3. Close the Orion Service Manager.
    4. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > View installed updates.
    5. Select "Update for SolarWinds Orion Core Services 2015.1.2 v115.1.8277.25300 (HotFix4)" and click "Uninstall".