Version 2

    I've seen this needed a few times here and with various clients so I find a spreadsheet similar to this comes in handy.


    This spreadsheet can be used to create the SQL update queries to bulk update node names in the SolarWinds database.

    Note: This query will only work on the newer Orion database structure (NPM 11.5+, SAM 6.2+, NCM 7.4+) as it references the 'NodesData' table. For older versions, change the table to 'Nodes'.


    1. Get a list of the node captions and IP addresses that you need to update as two columns. There are a few ways to do this but try one of the below:

    - Generate a report in the report writer - select the caption/nodename and IP address fields.

    - Run a SQL query on the database (Using either SQL Management Studio or Database Manager on the SolarWinds server).


    SELECT Caption, IP_Address FROM [dbo].[Nodes]


    - Once you have your list, update the list with your new captions as well as any new IP addresses.


    2. If you need to import these nodes into SolarWinds, run a discovery and import all of the nodes using the IP address list (manually add the nodes that don't respond as the discovery will only find your up nodes).


    3. Use the attached spreadsheet to generate the SQL queries that you can use to update the database with the desired names (matching on IP address). Paste the captions and IP addresses into columns A and B. Column D contains the SQL queries.

    4. Backup your SolarWinds database.


    5. Paste the queries back into SQL Management Studio or Database Manager and execute to update the node names. E.g.


    UPDATE NodesData SET Caption = 'Fred' WHERE IP_Address = '' 
    UPDATE NodesData SET Caption = 'Testname' WHERE IP_Address = ''



    Hope this helps!