Version 1

    <!-- Note: this template requires the UseExactPromptMatch feature, to use this you need to have NCM 7.4.0 or higher -->

    <!--SolarWinds Network Management Tools-->

    <!--Copyright 2005 SolarWinds.Net All rights reserved-->

    <Configuration-Management Device="TANDBERG Video Communication Server" SystemOID="">


            <Command Name="RESET" Value=""/>

            <Command Name="EnterConfigMode" Value=""/>

            <Command Name="ExitConfigMode" Value=""/>

            <Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="xconfig"/>

            <Command Name="UploadConfig" Value=""/>

            <Command Name="EraseConfig" Value=""/>

            <Command Name="SaveConfig" Value=""/>

            <Command Name="Version" Value=""/>

            <Command Name="UseExactPromptMatch" Value="true"/>