Version 4

    PURPOSE: To walk through obtaining the Product ID (referenced as Unique Machine ID) in order to generate the .lic file on the Customer Portal to apply to offline Systems.


    What is required: One system able to communicate to to enter the ID to generate the .lic file. This system must also be able to access an Email client to download the .lic files that will be sent.


    To Obtain Solarwinds Orion Products for a simplified offline download and Installation.

        Note: This is for the following Products into a single installer.

    • Network Performance Monitor
    • Network Configuration Manager
    • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
    • IP Address Manager
    • User Device Tracker
    • Server and Application Monitor
    • Storage Resource Manager
    • VoIP and Network Quality Manager
    • Web Performance Monitor
    • Virtualization Manager
    • Database Performance Analyzer

    If the Solarwinds product that you are looking for is not listed, the regular installer with the product will not need the below Download Manager Steps


    1. Go to
    2. Select Products> The product you want to download.
    3. Select Download Free Trial
    4. Fill out the information to obtain a link, select Proceed to Free Download.
    5. Select Click here to Download. The exe file will be roughly 6MB file.


    Running the Solarwinds Download Manager

         This is a special installer we have created to ease the installation of multiple modules onto a single system

    1. Run the executable, which in this case will be our Solarwinds Download Manager on the system you downloaded it from.
    2. Select Download Setup Wizard - Offline Version. This will download the Mega file with all modules installed.
    3. bootonline.png
    4. Once the file completes download, you can then put the 1.4-1.6GB file onto a USB/DVD and move it to your offline installation.
    5. Offline System: run the 1.4-1.6GB file on the system. This will take a few minutes while the package is preparing. The installer may initially disappear, but its working in the background.
    6. Select the Products you would like installed, then select Next
    7. bootoffline.png
    8. If you need steps for what to do after this step, please see the Install Phase under Getting Started with Evaluations for Solarwinds Orion Products




    To Obtain the Product IDs (Unique Machine ID) from the Offline System


    Please go into Start> Programs> Solarwinds> Solarwinds License Manager


    If not found, Please download the License Manager Application and Install this on the same system the Solarwinds Application is Installed.

    If any popup asks to Install, select Install. This is to upgrade the License Manager to the Latest Version.

    If you see any Errors or a Note to Repair, let the License Manager attempt to Repair the License File. If the License Manager does not display licenses, there are no Solarwinds Products installed.

    If the License Manager reports a License corruption, please contact support to reset the licensing.

    1.   Under the application you are upgrading the license, select Upgrade (this is to change Licensing)
    2.   License Screen:
      1.   If this system happens to have Internet Access: (must be able to access
        1. Enter in the activation Key and select Activate.
      2.   b. No Internet Access:
        1. Select Copy Unique Machine ID, and paste the information into a Notepad file and save this file to the Desktop.
        2. If you are able to transfer files to a machine with internet access, Transfer this file to the machine with internet access.
        3. If you are unable to transfer the File, transcribe this Machine ID to the machine with internet access to Notepad. The key is Case Sensitive.

                            Note:Do not close License Manager after this, leave all popups up.

    If you are Evaluating Solarwinds Software and was referred to this page, please contact your Sales Representative with the ID so that they can obtain the .lic for you.

              The Steps below will be the same process that you will use when the product is purchased. The Production key can be installed on Evaluation Systems.

    Steps below this point are for Current Solarwinds Customers able to login and access


    Machine with Internet Access:

    1. Go to and login to the customer portal.
    2. At the top select License and Maintenance>  License Management.
    3. Under the product next to the License Key, select Manually Register License and select Continue on the popup.
    4. Enter all fields, this is used when generating the key and your Key will be E-mail to the E-mail address you enter.
      1. Please make sure to enter a valid E-mail to accept .lic files. Computer Name, Contact Name or Phone number is not used for the license, this information you the customer to know where the licenses were deployed and to whom.
    5. Paste the Product ID into the Unique Machine ID field.
    6. Select Generate File. If any errors popup, check the Unique ID, the [] are required.
    7. Open your E-mail client and save the .lic file and transfer it to your machine you are licensing.


    Active the License to the offline System

    1. On the Activate Product Popup, select Browse, select the File and select Next, then finish.
    2. You may need to restart all services for the License to take effect.
      1. Please go into the Orion Service Manager under Start> Programs> Solarwinds Orion> Advanced Features> Orion Service Manager.
      2. Select Stop Everything.
      3. Once all Services are stopped, please wait one minute, then select Start Everything.