Version 2

    There wasn't a lot out there for these when I created them, so I figured I'd share.  I carefully grouped these as well as used a unique naming convention for the groups so that the pollers stayed together alphabetically when viewed in the UnDP Summary resources on the Web Console, so rename at your own risk!  :-)


    Please let me know if you find any mistakes or enumerated pollers that I forgot to fill in or that are incorrectly enumerated.  By the way, there are a lot more pollers available than what you will find here, these are just what I selected based on the needs of the client I was working with that requested them, so don't be discouraged if you don't find what you are looking for.  Dig deeper and search around the MIB trees and I'm sure you'll find something close to what you are wanting.





    Jordan Hume

    Field Systems Engineer II

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