Version 2

    This guide was created to help troubleshoot problems when polling Hardware Health information's on ESX Host servers polled through vCenter. Sometimes it happens that Hardware sensor for Hard disc  start indicate critical state. However even when the disc is replaced the Hardware health sensor is still indicating critical state for it. This may happen occasionally when ESX host is polled through vCenter and the VMware API is used to obtain the Hardware health information's. It seems that the vCenter sometimes don't update, or there is significant time delay before it is updated, the Hard disc sensor status. To verify if the status shown by SolarWinds Hardware Health is consistent with status reported by the VMware API please follow this quide.


    Whether the ESX host is or isn't polled through vCenter can be checked on Visualization settings page.




    If you are not familiar with it you can access it using this URL: https://your_vCenter_server/mob   ==> your_vCenter_server either its IP address or its host name.

    This will open the Managed Object browser page. From there you will continue (I wrote the names of the properties you should follow).


    Then you have to find the ESX host object. It's quite complicated but it should get it using following properties:

    content -> rootFolder -> childEntity (choose datacenter) -> hostFolder -> childEntity (choose domain) -> host (choose ESX host)

    You should see page similar to this:


    Now you can try to find HW health information:

    runtime -> healthSystemRuntime -> systemHealthInfo -> numericSensorInfo

    You should see page similar to this:


    Except the Numeric sensors there is number of other sensor in other location's which we monitor. Here are alternative paths which you can substitute with the one for numeric sensors.


    runtime -> healthSystemRuntime -> hardwareStatusInfo -> cpuStatusInfo

    runtime -> healthSystemRuntime -> hardwareStatusInfo -> memoryStatusInfo

    runtime -> healthSystemRuntime -> hardwareStatusInfo -> storageStatusInfo

    hardware -> systemInfo -> otherIdentifyInfo

    config -> storageDevice -> scsiLun