Version 1

    Add this to your Nodes page as a Custom Query to see the CDP neighbors of the device, with active links to those devices.




    There is at least one caveat, and its a bit odd but it somewhat makes sense if you think about the database structure.   The caveat is that the "Local Interface" column will show up as blank if you haven't managed the interfaces (in "List Resources").    This is because the CDP table stores the interface index for the local interface, but stores the interface name for the remote interface.  So, in order to get the local interface name, I have to join in the "interfaces" table and cross reference the ifindex.   If the interface is not in the interfaces table, you get nothing in that column...


    If you want this on your site, go to a "Node Details" page that you want it on.   Click on "Customize Page", if you don't have that link, you don't have permission to do this.  Once in there click on the "+" to add a resource to whatever column you wish to have it in.   Make it a "Custom Query" resource type, adjust where you want it positioned in the column and click on "DONE".  When the "Node Details" page reloads, you will have a resource that is titled "Custom Query" and says in it "No query specified.  Click Edit to enter a SWQL query".  Click on the "EDIT" button.


    At this point you should be in the "Edit Resource: Custom Query" page.  Change the "Title" to "CDP Neighbors" or whatever you want the title to be.  Leave the subtitle blank and paste the contents of the attached file into the "Custom SWQL Query:" box.  I recommend changing the "Number of Rows Per Page" to something greater, I have it set at 15.


    Click "SUBMIT" and you are done, when the page reloads your CDP neighbors should be there!!