Version 1

    This application monitor uses VBScript to collect a Windows Shared Folder current user (connected sessions) and total opened file counts

    • Prerequisites: WMI access to the target server.
    • Credential for Monitoring: Windows Administrator on Solarwinds Poller to run the VBscript
    • Credentials for target server: Windows Administrator on the target server to allow the VBscript connecting to the server via WMI

    It takes 4 Arguments:

    • ${IP}:  Macro, this is replaced with the target node’s IP Address.
    • UserName: A user account which can log onto target server
    • UserPassword: Password for the user
    • SharedFolderName: The Shared Folder Name (not the Path, Just share name)


    Windows Shared Folder.jpg



    After assign this template to a node, you add a Custom Object Resource (Chart) to a view (Node Details or Summary, etc)

    Windows Shared Folder3.jpg


    Windows Shared Folder2.jpg

    The Chart:

    Windows Shared Folder4.jpg