Version 5

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion

    Run SNMPWalk.exe

    Enter ip address of the Node under "Agent Address or DNS name

    >Select Version " 2c / or 3 " Depending on the Node configured

    .Enter the " community String" configured for the device .



    Scan and save the SNMPWaLK file >


    Zip the file and send it to support .


    Just in case if you are unable to find the executable . You can

    Direct Download installer and install on the system.



    C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\SNMPWalk


    ////////////// Alternative Solution ///////////////


    Please download the following 3 party SNMP Tool .

    Place the SnmpWalk.exe @ C drive root.

    Open the command line and type the below commands "Change the ip and community string according to your device "

    C:\>SnmpWalk.exe -r: -t:10 -c:"public" -os:.1 >OutPut.txt

    Once done send me the output.txt file . (File will be saved C root )


    for SNMP V3 Nodes

    snmpwalk.exe -r: -v:3 -sn:solarwinds -ap:MD5 -aw:Passw0rd -pp:DES -pw:Passw0rd$$ -os:.1 -op:. -csv >ASA.txt

    E:\>SnmpWalk.exe -r: -v:3 -sn:solarwinds -ap:MD5 -aw:Passw0rd -pp:DES -pw:Passw0rd -os:.1 -CSV >output.txt

    Once done you can zip the output.txt file . (File will be saved C root )

    and send to the support engineer for review