Version 2

    I wanted to write this up quickly for others like myself that want a top 10 LUNs by Latency or IOPS with historical data, similar to below:



    To start with, go in to Customize Page at the top right hand corner of the page you'd like the graph. Personally, I chose the Performance Dashboard in SRM.


    Click on the green plus sign to add a new resource, then search for Custom Chart. Add that resource and click done.


    The new resource will have the name Custom Chart and have a link to Configure this resource, which is our next step:




    Here's the important part. To start off with, we need to select our Data Source, which is where we'll choose what we want to report on.




    By default, the method is Dynamic Query Builder. Keep that method and leave Basic Selector marked as well. In the drop down of "I want to report on," select LUN or NAS Volume depending on what you're looking to display. Note that you can add a condition here if you only want to include LUNs or NAS Volumes from specific arrays, with specific naming conventions, or with customer properties.




    Click on Update Data Source. Under Time Period, it defaults to the Past Hour. I personally prefer selecting Last 7 Days for a good weekly view.


    Under Left Y-Axis, we now need to add a Data Series. Click the Add Data Series button and we'll be presented with the following screen. Select the LUN Performance Statistics on the left and it will give you the correct options on the right. For this, we'll use IOPS Total:




    Once selected, click Add Data Series. Now we need to set it to only show the top five. Under Filter results, select the bullet point for "Show only limited number of top records" then enter in the number you'd like (10 in this instance). Also note the Data aggregation field. This will default to Not specified, which will cause the graph to not show information. Click the drop down and select Average.




    Click Submit and you'll have your chart! If you want to customize it beyond that, you can always click the Edit button on the top right hand corner to make adjustments, like updating the title of the chart.