Version 4

    Create a slick circuit table using custom properties


    1.  Create the following 'interface' custom properties:  CircuitID, CarrierName, CarrierContact

    2.  For interfaces that connect to a carrier circuit, populate the fields added above

    3.  Create a tab called 'Circuits'

    4.  Add a custom table resource to the tab (Classic category/Reporting/Custom Table)

    5.  Edit the custom table resource, "Advanded Selector", and change "I want to report on" from "Node" to "Interface"

    6.  Add a condition using the custom property "CarrierName" that states "CarrierName is not empty.  This will filter out all interfaces that don't have a carrier circuit.

    7.  Add other conditions to suit your needs.  Note, if you create this resource on a page that has a 'View Limitation' limiting it to a specific network, there is no need to further specify the network.

    8.  Add columns to your table.  Change the "Orion Object" to 'Node", and select "Caption" to display the device name.

    9.  The remaining columns in my table are interface properties, so change the "Orion Object" back to "Interface, and add "Caption" (this time it refers to the interface name), "CircuitID, "CarrierName" and "CarrierContact".

    10.  Drag the columns into order to suit your needs, then group by "Caption" (device).

    11.  To add the vendor icon next to a device, click on the "advanced" beneath the caption.  In the "add display settings" dropdown, select "Vendor Icon".  In the "advanced" section, you can also change the name of the column in the table from caption to Device Name, node, or whatever you prefer.

    12.  Under the interface caption, click advanced and select "status icon", and then also add "details page link" to make it clickable.