Version 2

    This template is used to upgrade Cisco 3800 IOS routers.  It will delete unused IOS files from the router automatically.  It will save the
    current running IOS and the IOS that you are upgrading to.   This uses an an alternate scp/sftp server.  I have it setup to download the IOS using scp.  This template points to a directory (/Cisco/3800/)  on the scp server.  You will need to modify this if you are not using scp.  If you use the SolarWinds-included scp/sftp server,use this template: 3800 IOS Upgrade NCM Template.  Once the new IOS is loaded, the router will automatically reboot to the new IOS.  If the new IOS is not successful, the old IOS will be loaded.  If you want it to reload at a specific time, change "at now" to "at hh:mm".  Multiple devices can be upgraded at the same time.  This has helped me a lot and sped up IOS upgrades for me.


    If you download this, please rate it or comment on this, so I know what is needed and how this is working for you