Version 3

    Okay, less than overwhelming response on this (none).  I've updated the formatting for an improved look.  Simply copy and paste the code in the timeZones.txt file into a custom html resource.


    Thwack has been an awesome resource that has provide many beneficial resources.  Hoping to give back a little to the community and that you may find this resource useful.

    Building on an idea from 'branfarm' where he inserts time zone clocks using links to a free website called '', I wanted to replace the links to this website with pure javascript that leverages the server time.

    After a bit of searching, I found the basis of what I was looking for here: javascript source code: world clock and with minor modifications was able to come up with what I was looking for which was essentially below:



    1.  From the 'miscellaneous' section, add a 'custom html' resource to your page.

    2.  Copy and past the attached script and click submit.  It's that simple.

    3.  If you would like to change the clocks included or the look of the clocks, you will have to edit the attached file.