Cisco_6500_IOS_Upgrade_Step2 with_external_server

Version 1

    I developed a series of 4 NCM config change templates to use when upgrading a 6500 with 2 supervisor modules.  All templates are named Cisco_6500_IOS_Upgrade_Step1 through Step3.  Cisco 6500 IOS Upgrade Step 1 NCM Template   This template is the third of my templates to run.  You should have run the Cisco 6500 IOS Upgrade ShowCommands NCM Template first.  It will display the variable information that is needed for this template.  This template is used to transfer the new IOS files to the 6500(s).  This template uses SCP to transfer the files.  This is using an external SCP/SFTP server.  I also have the IOS files prestaged on the server under /Cisco/6500/.  If you are using the NCM-included SFTP/SCP server, use this template Cisco_6500_IOS_Upgrade_Step2.ncm-template.  This template can also be modified to use an alternate protocol.  Perform this step and continue to Cisco 6500 IOS Upgrade Step 3 NCM Template. Let me know if there are any updates needed.