Cisco Nexus (NX-OS) file transfer template (NON-SolarWinds server)

Version 1

    This template can be used to transfer both the kickstart and image files to one or multiple Cisco Nexus (NX-OS) devices at the same time using SCP.  You can replace "scp" with whatever protocol you are using, such as tftp or ftp, in the script.  This script gives you the  option to use an external (other than the SolarWinds server) SCP/SFTP/TFTP server.  If you are using the NCM-included SolarWinds SCP?SFTP server, use this one:

    Cisco Nexus (NX-OS) file transfer template    I also have a folder mapped to on the SolarWinds SFTP/SCP server.  In the root, there is a "Cisco" folder with a "NXOS" folder in it.  In that folder is where I store the NX-OS files that are to be transferred.  You can modify the location if you need to.  I have the yes command sent to get past any RSA key prompts that there may be.  There may be some errors shown in the Script Results, but it will not affect anything.  This was only put in there as a just in case.  Worked for me.  I needed to automate this for other users to prevent errors as much as possible.


    If you download this, please rate it or comment on this, so I know what is needed and how this is working for you