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    How can I attend?

    Registration is required for this event. Follow these easy steps to register:

    1. Click "Register Now" on the banner at the top of the thwackCamp 2015 page.
    2. You will be prompted to login to your thwack account.
      • If you do not have a thwack account, you will have the ability to create one at this point.
    3. If we are missing information from your profile such as company, phone number and/or location, you will be prompted to fill in these missing fields.
    4. Click "Complete Registration". The system will then quickly verify your information.
    5. Thank you for registering! You are now confirmed for thwackCamp 2015 and will have access to all sessions listed below in the schedule.


    How can I RSVP to individual sessions?

    Make sure you are LOGGED IN to your thwack account and follow these easy steps to RSVP to a session:

    1. In the schedule on the thwackCamp 2015 page, click on the session title you are interested in attending. This will take you to the session event page which will include a detailed description of what will be covered, the presenters, etc.
    2. Click on "RSVP to this event" button on the right side of the event page.
    3. You can add the session to your calendar by clicking on "Add to calendar" on the far right side of the event page.
    4. That's it! You are now registered for that session.
    5. Repeat this process for each individual session you are planning to attend.


    How can I find a list of all sessions I have RSVP'd to?

    1. Go to your profile.
    2. Click on "More" underneath your avatar.
    3. Click on "Calendar".
    4. Scroll over to the month of July.
    5. All sessions you have RSVP'd to for thwackCamp will show on July 15th or July 16th.


    What can I expect on the day of the event?

    To access any part of this event you must be registered for the event (refer to the top of this page).

    1. Navigate to
    2. Login to your account.
    3. That's it!

    Simply ensure that you remain logged into your thwack account as this will gain you access to all of the sessions you have RSVP'd to plus the LIVE chat!