Cisco Configuration 2xxx and 3xxx twack v1.ncm-template

Version 2

    The template was built with the intent to learn and understand NCM in a lab environment. As NCM only has a 30 day trial and after that we must purchase a dev license or use our production environment. SolarWinds Network Config Generator does almost everything NCM does for templates.


    What I found does not work in the generator.

    String Manipulation

    User Interactive Questions with numbers can be declared as a integer but cannot be used to add and subtract another integer of any kind.


    What Does work in the generator.

    General Inventory Settings used in NCM seem to be available. I have not found any outside of custom that I was unable to use.

    IP Address getoctet function works.


    Easter Egg Found.

    The octet function will use letters or numbers and can be used as a pseudo array. See comments in the file for more details. Note: This has not yet been tested to work in NCM, but it does work in the generator.


    This template can generate a config with the following options for 29xx, 35xx, 36xx, and 37xx switches. Admins must first set the initial IP address setup with snmp to access and inventory the device.

    Gets Existing VLAN information. Next release will build new vlans and control whether or not you wish to include existing in configuration build.










    Existing VLANs and IP address per Interface up to 3 addresses.

    Access Interfaces

    Trunk Interfaces with Port Channel

    Wireless AP trunk




    Line VTY


    There are many options you can control either via the user interactive section or through editing the "Set Variables" section.


    This version includes string manipulation used in NCM. @CFGBuilder variable will change the internal behavior for generator or NCM.