Version 2

    Last week I announced Netflow Analyzer 4.1.1 Beta and today I want to announce Release Candidate of our latest NTA version. Here is the short list of improvements and fixes:


    1) Historical update performance improvements

         - Fixed problem with slow data loading for recent data and IP Groups/Application changes

         - Updates is running on most recent data first

         - updates of IP Groups and Application slightly faster on 30-days data.

         - re-worked update algorithms (better handling of already running updates)


    2) UI Improvements for historical updates

        - non blocking messages in case some update is already running

        - Update progress visuals on each NTA resource

        - auto page refresh when all data updated -> charts will get in sync.


    3) QoS policy monitoring: How can I monitor QoS policing and shaping?


    4) NetFlow Lite and ESX vCenter support


    5) Better support for the NetFlow v9 templates


    6) Fixed Cisco ASA two-directional flows.


    7) Support for IPFIX flow traffic from Barracuda firewall


    8) Significantly reduced amount of files created in "%temp" folder


    9) Reduced I/O usage during data storing and improved indexing performance


    10) Web-based reporting performance improvements (reports with less than 30 took long to run)


    11) Minor bug fixes:

         - Combination of the IP Groups with Multi-Port application causes error in chart legend

         - Flow navigator doesn't work with items over limit

         - JavaScript executed in the search field


    Release candidates are fully supported by SolarWinds supports and ready as regular update for your production. Your version is ready on our Customer Portal.


    Any issue report here, or call SolarWinds support.