Version 1

    If you're using FSM and have Juniper SRX devices that are in a clustered mode, by default these devices will not be able to import to FSM.  Even after applying FSM 6.6.0 Hotfix 5, the NCM repository method will not permit these configs to be imported.  Using this device template you can have NCM download configs with the command

    show configuration|display inheritance


    Doing so should permit FSM to import such a config





    <!--Use this template to have NCM gather configs from SRX nodes in a clustered mode, this way FSM can import those configs -->

    <!--SolarWinds Network Management Tools-->

    <!--Copyright 2005 SolarWinds.Net All rights reserved-->

    <Configuration-Management Device="Juniper Devices" SystemOID="">


            <Command Name="Reset" Value="set cli screen-length 0"/>

            <Command Name="Reboot" Value="request system reboot${CRLF}yes"/>

            <Command Name="EnterConfigMode" Value="configure"/>

            <Command Name="ExitConfigMode" Value="commit and-quit"/>

            <Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="show configuration|display inheritance"/>

            <Command Name="UploadConfig" Value="${EnterConfigMode}${CRLF}${ConfigText}${CRLF}${ExitConfigMode}"/>

            <Command Name="SaveConfig" Value="${EnterConfigMode}${CRLF}${ExitConfigMode}"/>

            <Command Name="Version" Value="show version brief"/>