Version 2

    SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager (NCM) includes a real-time change detection (RTCD) feature. This function leverages your device’s ability to send syslog and trap alert data to remote servers (specifically the NCM server) to track configuration changes in real-time. When a configuration change is indicated in that data, the Orion® NCM server immediately downloads the running configuration from the relevant device and sends a notification to the members of your team that you designate during the RTCD setup.


    Note: Cisco® devices send trap messages when a user enters the configuration mode, but not when the user exits. As a result, if you make changes to the configuration on your device, you will receive a trap message about those changes only when you enter the configuration mode again, which is usually not until you need to make another configuration change. In short, due to this behavior, SolarWinds recommends that you use the syslog option for setting up real-time change detection.


    Setting up Real-time Change Detection involves:


    1. Configuring your network devices to send syslog or trap data to the Orion server.
    2. Completing the five steps in the real-time change detection resource (Settings > NCM Settings > Configure Real-time Change Detection).