Version 12

    With our most recent release delivering SIP utilization monitoring from the Cisco CUBE, we bring you a list of items we are working for the future of VNQM.



    • UI Performance optimizations - In coordination with the Orion Platform Team, we're focusing substantial efforts to improve user interface performance. A large portion of the development efforts for this release are devoted to improving page load performance on the Orion web interface! This effort is platform-wide.
    • Architectural improvements in job scheduling
    • Support for current versions of Cisco and Avaya solutions.
    • Basic Juniper RPM UDP-based performance monitoring.


    Orion Platform

    • UI Performance Optimizations - Faster and more responsive web UI.
    • Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance – Using Azure SQL Managed Instance as the repository for Orion’s SQL database, extending work done in the previous release.


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