Version 19

    With the completed release of NetFlow Traffic Analyzer 4.6 we've added visibility for IPv6 traffic, contributed new visibility to traffic by security policy for Palo Alto firewalls, and added a local source of NetFlow traffic. You can learn more about the latest release of NTA here: Better Traffic Visibility with NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Version 4.6

    Now we're heads-down, building the new release of NTA.


    Here is a view into what we're working on:



    • UI Performance optimizations - In coordination with the Orion Platform Team, we're focusing substantial efforts to improve user interface performance. A large portion of the development efforts for this release are devoted to improving page load performance on the Orion web interface! This effort is platform-wide, and NTA is making some specific contributions.
    • Meraki NetFlow Support - Support for several of the MX models to consume flow data and associate it with the appropriate interfaces.
    • NetFlow Sources page improvements - Performance and navigation improvements for NetFlow sources
    • CBQoS interfaces navigation - Better navigation and summarization for class-based quality of service interfaces


    Orion Platform

    • UI Performance Optimizations - Faster and more responsive web UI.
    • Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance – Using Azure SQL Managed Instance as the repository for Orion’s SQL database and the SQL flow database, extending work done in the previous release.


    Please post your use cases, comments, and questions for these features below!