Version 20

    With our 2019.4 release, we've delivered flow support for Meraki MX/Z series security and SD-WAN devices, enabling application traffic flow visibility on each interface. We've also re-designed and implemented separate pages for managing flow sources, and the collection of CBQoS statistics - simplifying the navigation, and adding filtering and search capabilities to support larger scale implementations. We've also significantly improved our web performance and responsiveness.


    You can learn more about this latest version of NTA here: INTRODUCING THE NETFLOW TRAFFIC ANALYZER 2019.4 RELEASE


    We're hard at work building the next iteration of NTA now.  Here's a view into what we're working on:




    • Reconcile flow volumes for nodes - In certain configurations, interface flow traffic can be incorrectly counted through nodes. We're working on detecting and reconciling flow volumes for the node to more clearly show utilization.
    • Add endpoints to Flow Alerts - Filter application flow alerts to precisely specify traffic sourced from or destined to endpoints or IP groups. Alerts can be applied to interfaces or nodes, filtered to endpoints or groups, and configured for application traffic thresholds.
    • Share IP group definitions with IPAM - Support the use of IP groups created by IPAM in NTA, and improve the IP group creation experience in NTA. This will improve support for custom application definitions, and for flow alerts.
    • Improve support for vSphere distributed vSwitch - Incorporate IPFIX flow data from the dvSwitch and support presentation of the conversations.


    Orion Platform improvements

    • UI performance optimizations - Faster and more responsive web UI
    • Centralized upgrades - pre-stage upgrades for reduced downtime


    Learn more about the Orion Platform improvements here: The Orion Platform