What We Are Working On for NCM after v7.7 (Updated on September 19, 2017)

Version 17

    With the release of NCM v7.7 completed, we have started working on another great set of features.

    Network Insight for Cisco Nexus

    • ACL management for Nexus (building on Cisco ASA support introduced in NCM v7.7)
    • Device Inventory support for Nexus devices including associated modules
    • Nexus Firmware CVE reporting
    • Firmware upgrade for Nexus including support for ISSU
    • Additional device and config change templates for Nexus devices
    • Other Nexus-specific capabilities including Virtual Device Context, Virtual Port Channel discovery and management

    Various Improvements

    • Deeper NPM integration - for example Interface Configuration Snippets - be able to see interface configuration in context on Interface Details page
    • New, consistent regex implementation - support standard .NET framework syntax.
    • Centralized Upgrades including new Scalability Engines installer
    • Next Generation Orion Mapping
    • Updated reports for PCI DSS 3.2.