Version 5

    There is a lot more NTM could do and that I want it to do.  If we go and build those things we have to raise the price though.  I don't want to raise the price.  There are already options for people that want to do very careful, very manual map creation at a cost of free or effectively free.  There are also options for people that want very advanced automated map creation at a premium price, something like 10x to 30x more expensive than NTM.  I believe NTM is unique in offering a mostly automated solution at a super affordable price and I believe that's the best fit for most of our customers.


    We will continue to build features as we see the need, but I want to set correct expectations that we do not expect frequent major updates.  We will continue to provide 24/7 support, hot fixes, and so on as we have always done for NTM.


    Have an idea?  We'd love to hear about it!  Add it here: Network Topology Mapper Feature Requests