Read-only F5 BIG-IP device template

Version 1

    This device template allows a user with the role of Auditor to login and retrieve the entire config of an LTM or GTM.  I can confirm that the config of the ASM and APM modules is also backed up.  I cannot confirm the backup for any other BigIP modules at this time.


    The username must have the Terminal Access setting of "tmsh".

    This config template cannot modify or save the config in any way.


    Note:  Use of this template may result in the BigIP appliance indicating that a config change has occurred and a config-sync is required.  Such is the case on my LTMs and GTMs running 11.3.  If such occurs in your installation then I recommend configuring 2 backup jobs; the first scheduled to backup the active appliances and the 2nd scheduled later to backup the standby appliances.