Version 2

    Here is another quick and dirty tool to save time with verifying a discovery did indeed add every IP needed. This script will read a CSV list of IPs, then go check Orion's database to see what in that list is in inventory, how it's being polled (PING, SNMP, or WMI) and from which polling engine. This is handy for identifying nodes that didn't respond to PING, or nodes that went in as PING, but should be SNMP.


    To use:

    Update the following variables to your SQL Server and account information at the top of your script:


    $sqlServer                = "[Your Orion SQL IP Address]"

    $databaseName       = "[Orion Database Name]"

    $username                = "[Database User]"

    $password                = "[Database Password]"


    The script will read a csv file, in this case IP_Address is the only header you need:




    When running the script:

    [script name] [arg:csv file]

    >  .\InventoryAddVerify.ps1 NodeIP.csv