Alert Trigger and Reset Logic Tester - Powershell Script

Version 1

    I noticed I had a bad alert creating events in the event logs. When searching for some ideas for tracking down the culprit, I saw a post or two that suggested turning off the alerts, and enabling them one by one to see when the event logs started happening again, however I have over 160 alerts (320 possible conditions), and I can't risk disabling alerts while I go through this process. Instead, I wrote a powershell script to connect to the database, and run the alert queries against it. The script will identify any alerts that throw errors. It's very possible to include gathering the alerts within the script, however I went about it by exporting a csv for processing. This simple tool saved me hours, if not days, of trouble shooting by pointing out my bad alert in a matter of seconds.


    I hope this helps some folks.