Version 2

    As my organisation does not own Storage Manage Monitor I have created some UDP pollers to monitor Equallogic SAN (PS6510E).


    The UDPs I used are:

  (eqlgroupModule) (eqlmemberModule) (eqldiskModule) (eqlcontrollerModule) (eqliscsiModule) (eqlStoragePoolModule)


    Please see attachment for details.


    After created the UDPs, you need Add Resource “Universal Device Poller Status” in Node Details View and/or “Universal Device Poller Summary Status” in Summary View. Group the related UDPs together to create UDPs status view tables, such as: Member Status, Hardware (controller, disk, fan, power) Status, etc.



    If you like to dig into database to find out PollerID and CustomPollerAssignmentID, you can create some reports, such as "Group Disk Space Information" which is similar with the report from Equallogic management console.