Version 1

    Although I have some syslog rules to trap relevant events, I wanted to able to clearly see health and asset information in NPM and be able to alert on those properties.

    As there's not a huge number of Nortel / Avaya pollers in the exchange, thought I'd add on the chance that somebody else can make use.


    These pollers (when assigned within a Tabular Universal Device Poller) will provide the Power Supply, Fan and Card information and health for a Nortel / Avaya ERS 8300 or 8600 (example below). It's worth noting that my devices are around 10 years old and I've had to do some tweaks with the enumerated card types (to provide custom values against model numbers), so these may not work for everyone. You'll need to exclude 'Fan_SpeedType' when assigning to 8300s as this is not a supported property.


    The attached file includes 3 x groups:

    Avaya ERS 8300/8600 - Cards, Fan and PSU.

    Create a tabular universal device poller in NPM per group and select all pollers beginning with the relevant name (e.g. PSU_). Take labels from PSU_Description, Fan_ID and Card_Index. Ensuring to choose all relevant rows to display.