Version 1

    Windows WSUS Client Patch Install Monitor - This monitor utilizes PowerShell to check to how days since the last Windows Updates were installed.  It also checks to see when the client last checked in to WSUS.  The Last Patch Install component monitor  gets the current date and the date of the  "ComObject Microsoft.Update.AutoUpdate (Results.LastInstallationSuccessDate) attribute and compares them.  If the statistic is less than 31 then the component will be up.  If the statistic is greater than 31 the component monitor will show as being in a down state.  The WSUS Check-in component monitor basically does the same thing but looks at the (Results.LastSearchSuccessDate) attribute.


    While this dies not go into the detail you can get from the WSUS console, what it does allow is a quick visual that a systems WSUS client is healthy and that the system is in-deed installing patches and has installed patches with in x# of days.