Version 1

    Creating a new view name: blank canvas

    1. Click Settings
    2. Manage Views
    3. Click Add
    4. Type Name of New View “blank canvas” – Type of View = Summary


         5. Click Submit

         6. Click Done

         7. Click Add

         8. Click Admin

         9. Click Customized Menu Bar

       10. Edit the Menu Bar: Admin


       11. Drag the blank canvas view to your Admin bar


       12. Click Submit

       13. ++ Now at this point you should have a blank canvas option on your menu bar


       14. At this point you can begin adding resources or views to your blank canvas

       15. Click Customized Page

       16. Click the PLUS sign to add the resources you want to your view


       17. Resources examples:


       18. Click DONE

              Results/View :


        19. Click Customized Page

        20. Check “NOC View”


       21. Click DONE & go to NOC

             See results:



    You are DONE