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    We have several legacy applications being monitored with Web Performance Monitor and will only playback if in compatibility mode. Since we are running WPM on Windows Server 2012 R2 with Internet Explorer 11, the playback was not working. The following solution was to create an Active Directory Group Policy and apply it to a WPM player for these legacy sites.

    Create an Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU)

    Create an AD OU to host your WPM Player(s), then move your computer to this OU.

    Create an Active Directory Group Policy (GPO)

    Create a new Group Policy: Solarwinds WPM - Legacy Applications


    Edit the new GPO as follows:

    Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Compatibility View
    Turn on Internet Explorer Standards Mode for local intranet: Disabled

    Administrative Templates\Windows\Components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Security Page
    Site to Zone Assignment List: Enabled

    Under Options, click Show, then enter the list of all your monitored Web sites under Value name (as in the examples below) then assign a Value of 1 (add to Intranet sites):



    Verify Group Policy

    After saving the GPO, force the update on your player, by running the following from a command prompt: gpupdate /force


    Now verify the GPO settings have applied in Internet Explorer.

    Select Internet Options / Security tab

    Highlight Local Intranet then click Sites

    Click Advanced, your sites should be listed here

    Select Compatibility View Settings

    The following box should be checked: Display intranet sites in Compatibility View


    Finally, assign your WPM recording(s) to this new player