Version 3

      Nightly automated task - Import network devices only(routers, switches, etc.) into Solarwinds using the SDK from a database or text file.  Looks at Solarwinds database

      directly for information only.  If node (MachineType) imported is already in database with more than the 4 default pollers it adds those pollers.  It evenly spreads out the nodes to all existing poller servers using the element count.  If node is a duplicate off-line or has an snmp error it records it in a log but does not add it to the

      database.  It sends out an email when completed with details.

      Data is imported from SQL Database or text file.


      This script was designed to handle a 24 Poller Server environment


      NOTE:  This script is constantly evolving and the creator takes no responsibility.  Use At Your Own Risk


    Email example: