Version 3

    This ZIP contains a rule and a text file.  The text file is a CSV file that can be imported into the LEM to provide a User Defined Group of required Exchange 2010 Services as derived from this document: Overview of Services Installed by Exchange Setup: Exchange 2010 Help


    You can then use the UDG to monitor for service starts/stops from your Exchange servers, or in nDepth searches or in Filters.  A sample rule is also provided.


    Instructions on how to import the UDG are here: Solarwinds Log and Event Manager - Importing a UDG from a CSV File - YouTube


    Update: I worked with a customer to deploy this template, and it appears that the list in the Microsoft document that I used has some discrepancies from actual exchange, usually in adding the word "Service" to some of the names that the actually service doesn't have.  You may want to make sure that the list of services I generated actually matches real services on your exchange server.  If you find a discrepancy, please leave a comment here and I will update the CSV to reflect that.